Wednesday, September 30, 2009

love sucks

whispering sweet nothings,
disagreeing, yet nodding in agreement
hands clasped whenever together,
a moment spent apart, text messages galore;

i like your laughter
i like your smile,
when i am with you,
i have so much fun;

sending me on a whirlwind spin,
sleep is for the weak, i tell myself
wishing to be next to you
i am going crazy about you;

leaving me breathless with your touch,
you got me forgetting to breathe,
I can’t help but love you with all of me,
because it’s only you who makes me smile;

it’s not supposed to be this hard,
everything is said and done,
all the sweet nothings have been whispered
and all disagreements have been agreed,
with nothing left to savor,
it’s time to call it quits
it’s time to agree “love sucks”,
while we are still in love,
maybe it’s about time we let romance in

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