Wednesday, September 30, 2009


tried hard not to be,erase-me
left some people wondering why,
while others were asking where,
to be what everyone strives to be;

i do not want to be rich,
nor i want to be famous,
i just want to be me,
just simple, plain old me;

some might say i am pretty boring,
maybe i am boring,
i could also be uncool,
to give a thought to each views,
is like pushing the dagger deeper
and deeper into myself;

forgive me, forget me,
i am not who you are searching for
erase the time you met me,
delete the moments we have been together,
never i existed in the first place,
never will we cross paths again,
think of me as a bad dream
and do not remember me for
i am just a stupid common man;

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